Elect Team New Scotland Candidates this Election Day


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Supervisor Dolin,

Q - Why hasn't a size cap law been passed?

A -  Efforts to protect our community from big-box over-development
remain a priority issue in your evaluation of candidates for Town Board.
During these past two years, I and Councilpersons Dan Mackay and Doug
LaGrange have sought to pass an effective retail development size
cap, and move on to focus on the next phase of planning and zoning
revisions that will deliver the scale and type of development our
community desires.  These past two years, we’ve been one vote shy
of securing the protection our community has called for while those larger
and more extensive zoning revisions occur – which is why we are supporting
Pat and Bill for Town Board.

State law requires that when a protest petition is filed by a percentage
of landowners impacted by a proposed zoning change (in this case, a size
cap on retail store size in the commercial zone), a supermajority vote of the
New Scotland Town Board is required to pass those zoning revisions.
Despite our community’s call for elected officials to represent the clear will
of many, many citizens in town, that fourth vote has not been forthcoming.
The results of the 2011 election are so critical to our efforts to finish this job
and move forward.  If elected, Pat Snyder and Bill Hennessey are sincerely
committed to joining us to deliver the outcome our community has so clearly
called for.  They will support an effective size cap on retail building size,
allowing us to bridge the gap to zoning revisions.  They will bring significant
planning and zoning experience to a town board team that will be need to
be committed to and focused on critical revisions to our Comprehensive Plan
and zoning laws in 2012.

Residents of New Scotland are ready to move forward.  We need (at least)
a fourth vote to do so.  We also need creative, energetic, and knowledgeable
input from all five Town Board members to assure we pass zoning and planning
revisions that send a clear, consistent and positive message about the type,
form, and scale of development that will benefit our community character and
tax base.

So please review Pat and Bill’s qualifications and experience for the two Town Board seats.
Look for them campaigning door-to-door and reach out to them with your questions
about these critical planning needs and other issues before town government in the years ahead.
We are confident you will be impressed by their experience and commitment to serving
our New Scotland community.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Pat Snyder,

Q - Why are you running under the "No Big Box" premise that was the central theme in the last election?

A - The central reason why I and my team-mate, Bill Hennessy, are running is to help the current Board members finish the job of enacting a size cap law. As I'm sure you know, the Town needs a super-majority of 4 or more votes to successfully enact a size cap law.  If elected, I would support the efforts of Dan Mackey, Tom Dolin and Doug LaGrange to enact this law.

I have been attending Town Board meetings and Planning Board meetings for a couple of years now and understand the issue of size cap and development in the Town.  I have also participated in the many forums that were held where the public spoke very passionately about this issue.  Any elected official has an obligation to protect the interests of their constituency. When you have an overwhelming number of people against the 'big box' a Town Board member has an obligation to listen and be guided accordingly.  One has to be responsive to the members of the community.

In conjunction with the above, our platform includes sustaining and preserving the Town's natural resources for future generations.  I believe the Town needs to send a consistent message to its residents and potential investors as to what fits into our community.  We are fortunate to live in the 'jewel' of Albany County so we need to work hard at balancing our Town's resources with responsible economic development.

My background is in credit, finance and banking where I have worked for 30 years.  Please feel free to reach out to me at 852-6322 if you have any further questions or concerns as I would be happy to discuss.

Thank you for your interest.